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Vista Verde Ranch
in Colorado, USA
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Address: PO Box 770465, USA
Tel: 970-879-3858
Fax: 970-879-6814
Email: reservations@vistaverde.com
Website: www.vistaverde.com
Abilities catered for: All standards from beginner to experienced.
Children welcome: Ages 6 and up only please.
Pricing information: From GBP 1365 to GBP 1763 per week, excluding flights.
Company profile: Vista Verde offers accommodation in spacious log cabins with private hot tubs and deluxe lodge rooms. A diverse selection of activities makes it more than just a riding ranch. In addition to trail riding and clinics, enjoy wine tasting, cooking class, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing, rafting, hot air ballooning and gourmet dining. The children?s and teen?s programs make it a great place for families with children 6 years and up, and adult only times are set aside for singles and couples. A blanket of snow in the winter makes for great skiing, snow shoeing and sleigh rides.
Destination Profile: As much as any one thing, what really seems to set us apart is our program. You won?t see many sign up sheets or hear what we can?t do. We like to call it ?Your Day, Your Way? as our staff goes out of their way to make your day and your way a reality on this special vacation. If you want to get up early, pack a lunch and hit the hiking trail with one of our guides to summit Mt. Zirkel, or have a one-on-one lesson with a wrangler to brush up your riding skills, or learn some mountain biking techniques in our new Terrain Park before tackling the singletrack trail, then we?ll do that. Now, we might not be able to hot air balloon you and a guide to a pristine fishing spot where our Chef meets you on horseback with a chilled chardonnay to accompany your freshly caught rainbow?..but if we can make it happen, we will.
About the horses: Our horses are picked for their easy going temperments and ability to handle the mountainous terrain. Most are Quarter horse crosses, but we do have other breeds as well.
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