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Listing Glossary

Telephone numbers

All telephone numbers are quoted with international country codes. A bracketed number should be excluded when dialling internationally and included when dialling within the country.


Prices are approximate and should only be used as a guide.
  • Prices are based on a week's riding for one adult including accommodation and food but excluding flight.
  • All prices including quotes for children should be checked with the company.
  • In our advanced search box, you have the choice to display the prices in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars. For other currencies, visit a finance site such as the Yahoo Currency Converter.

Weight limit

Most riding centres have a weight limit for riders based on their horses' strength and endurance.

Riding ability

  • Beginner:You've just started taking riding lessons and/or have hacked out at walk.
  • Novice: You've mastered the basic aids in all paces and can mount and dismount unaided. You're confident on a well-schooled horse in walk, rising trot (posting), and for short periods of canter.
  • Intermediate: You're a confident rider on a well-schooled horse at all paces including a fast canter in open country. You're happy to ride for several hours and may have some jumping experience.
  • Experienced: You're confident and relaxed on horseback and ride regularly. You have an independent seat and soft hands and are capable of handling a spirited horse at canter in open country. You may own or have owned a horse or share a horse and will be happy to jump.

Holiday duration:

All prices are for one week but the holidays may offer longer or shorter holiday durations. With some companies it is also possible to book a one-off ride so that you can incorporate riding into any holiday. These companies have 'day rides available' listed below their contact and price details.
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